Meet Our Makers: ZAGS
UPF 50+ sun protection from Cannonborough Collective in Charleston SC

September is the last month we’ll have Zags available in our shop, so we wanted to share their story with you. We carry their ponchos, dresses, rash guards, and wraps, so make sure you come by this week or shop with them online at!

Zags Instagram: @zagslife

 Founder’s name: Jennifer Horton


zags UPF 50+ cover ups at Cannonborough Collective in Charleston

Share a fun fact about your brand or your story/tell us about your products: ZAGS was created from a love of living in the light! For years Jennifer Horton kept hoping that she would find the perfect sun-protective wrap to use as she and her active family of 5 bounced from one sun-filled activity to the next. The product was nowhere to be found, so Jennifer finally made what she couldn’t find to purchase. She founded Charleston based and SC made ZAGS in August 2015 with the idea of a sun-safe, stylish and unique sunwrap to protect skin from harmful UV rays. With dozens of unique designs inspired by Jennifer’s life living in the Lowcountry as well as travels abroad-most are Horton’s own artwork in addition to several collaborations, ZAGS offers an innovative and beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors all while protecting your skin. ZAGS UPF 50+, wicking + cooling Sunwraps are available in 3 different sizes: a 40”x40” surf square, 28”x80” sunny shawl and a 40”x80” be anything blanket. Newest to the collection are: an OSFM party poncho, 4&8”Beachy Bandeaus, a tidal pool top, a dock dress, and a coastal caftan in mini and maxi lengths. ZAGS also has a fun, new collection of accessories: earrings, sun hats, beach bags, and our very special brass cuff adorned with our inspirational LIVE IN THE LIGHT brand logo.

charleston sc sun protection clothing at cannonborough collective

 Who is another local maker you admire?  Hermosa Jewelry - Haley is an amazingly talented young woman!

What is your favorite Charleston restaurant? That’s tough – our family of 5 loves Mex 1 when we are out at Sullivan’s Island, Red Drum in Mount Pleasant for after church brunch, Basil for a busy weeknight to-go meal, and Hall’s Chophouse for special occasions!

What is your favorite song to jam out to while you create products or look for inspiration? Basically, “Alexa play country music radio.”

What is your favorite product you offer right now and what was the inspiration behind it/why will people love it? The dock dresses and coastal caftans were products I wanted for myself and have had so much fun creating! The response has been overwhelming- it has encouraged me to keep creating even more UV protecting offerings!

zags dock dress and coastal caftan at cannonborough collective

All of the pieces shown here are available in our shop, but just through Saturday September 28th! You can enjoy 20% off during our extended hours sale this Wednesday 9/25 from 5-7, so come see us and get your sun protection gear this week!

Life's a Party @ CC!
Charleston party goods store and balloon shop

Happy almost fall, friends! We hope you decide to stop in soon, as we have more local brands than ever before. We’ve also been working on growing our selection of party goods to compliment all our balloons, so we wanted to share some photos of our cute current offerings. We have Meri Meri plates & napkins, candles, party banners, little party hats, piñatas, & more. Here’s a fun little sampling, but you’ll have to stop in soon to see the rest!

Follow our Instagram posts & stories to see even more of our party supplies!

images c/o Kim Graham Photography & Mary Beth Creates (pet photos)

5 Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas
CHS hat from Graefic Design at Cannonborough Collective

Need some help finding that special gift for Father’s Day? Don’t you worry, we have you covered! Here are our top 5 gift ideas you can pick up before you celebrate with Dad on Sunday.

Cheers, Daddy-o

Want Dad to step up his cocktail game? Help him do just that with our Jack Rudy Cocktail Co products. Whether it be the signature tonic water or gourmet cherries to finish of his cocktail, the father figure in your life will surely love his new bar cart additions.

jack rudy cocktail company available at Cannonborough Collective

Wood You Like to Make Dad Smile?

From wooden bow ties to custom made wooden reflector sunglasses, FE Designs will  be a really fun and unique addition to Dad’s wardrobe. We have a large selection of FE Designs items ranging from watches to eyewear and they certainly bring the “WOW” factor to your Father’s Day gifts.

Hats Off to Dad!

Tired of Dad wearing the same old hats? Trust us, we get it! Put a stop to that by stopping in to pick up some hats from our local vendors. He could sport one of our truckers, like the CHS hat from Graefic Design or logo hat from Burnt and Salty.

Graefic Design CHS hat

Java for Papa

Since dad could use come caffeine to keep up with the kiddos, we definitely have to recommend our new local coffee company, Estuary Beans & Barley!


Mandles Much?

Don’t let Father’s Day go by without picking up something to help your pops relax and treat himself! Stop in to shop our awesome Park and Madison products guaranteed to be the relaxing gift Dad needs. We love their amber glass candles (a.k.a. “mandles”) and room sprays, because dads deserve good smells too!

park and madison candles made in Charleston available at Cannonborough Collective

written by Gillian Nyland

Easy DIY Balloon Garland
balloon garland tutorial

Our fabulous summer intern, Gillian Nyland, recently learned the ropes of balloon garland basics. We asked her to share a how-to with all of you that might be looking to learn how to make a balloon garland of your own. If this seems like too much work, we sell the larger version for $40 and the small one for $25, but we promise you got this! There are a couple of other ways to create a garland that will give you a nicer look, but this is our go-to method.

balloon garland tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

-11” latex balloons in assorted colors (we used 25 for the larger one and 15 for the small one)

*optional: use a variation of sizes from 7” up to 16 or 24” for a garland that looks like this

-Balloon pump (either electric or manual)

-Balloon tape (to assemble balloons together)

Step 1:

Pick out balloon colors and theme! For the most successful and festive garland, you will want to select a variety of colors that coordinate to match your theme and event. You can even add in other elements like florals or leaves (real or faux) to add some pizzaz.

Step 2:

Begin inflating your balloons. We recommend using an electric balloon pump, but make sure to watch the size of inflation of the balloon to avoid it popping (it fills up quick!). For the most visually pleasing (and professional looking) balloon garlands, we recommend inflating the balloons to various sizes.

electric balloon pump for balloon garland

Step 3:

Now that you have all your balloons inflated (yay!), you will need the balloon tape. Balloon tape is what will keep your garland intact, and also creates a “floating” and seamless look to the garland. For the most simple assembly, we recommend tying the top of your balloon tape to a door or hook so that you have a clear workspace.

Step 4:

Once your tape is hanging, look for the small holes that have been punched into the tape. Press out the piece covering the hole with your fingers or a pencil to create an entry for your balloon. Take the end of the tied balloon and pull it through the hole fastening it into place. You can simply pull the small tie at the end of the balloon through the hole, or secure the balloon all the way up to the knot at the base of the balloon. Try to mix and match the sizes and colors you place next to each other to avoid too much repetition (again, these choices will maximize the professionalism of your garland).

balloon tape for diy balloon garland

Step 5:

Begin staggering various colors and sizes of the balloons and insert them through both the front and back of the balloon tape (as shown below). You don’t necessarily need to put a balloon in each hole on the tape, in fact, make sure you allow enough space for each balloon to avoid them bumping against each other and squeezing each other out of the tape! Once you have a large amount of the balloons attached the tape, step back and see if there are any spots in which there are gaps, or spaces in which you can see the clear balloon tape. Having these gaps will detract from the seamless look of the garland, and make it less sturdy. If you find any of these spaces, fill in as needed. If you really want to make sure you don’t see through to the balloon tape, you can even hot glue balloons to each other; just place the glue gun on a cool setting!

balloon tape for DIY balloon garland

Step 6:

You did it! By now, your garland should look full and be filled with an assortment of colors and sizes. Once you are sure all the balloons are secure, cut the just past where the balloons stop. Then simply tie a string to either end of it and place it where you desire with pushpins or a strong tape. Time to party!

easy balloon garland tutorial

Thanks so much to Gillian for giving us that thorough guide for balloon garland making, we hope that helped! BTW, your balloon garland should look brand new for about a week. The balloons will gradually start to deflate here and there, but your garland may last for several weeks or months when kept cool. Come by our shop soon if you’d like a picture in front of our balloon wall!

Charleston balloon and gift shop

professional images c/o Aneris Photography

Meet Our Makers: Steel Birch

Steel Birch enhances our shop offerings with their amazing products that range from body scrubs to lip balms, and they now have a chic new all-white look to their branding! We love having them in the store, so we wanted you to learn a little more about the company.  Read on to hear the incredible inspiring story of Steel Birch! 


Founder’s Name: Courtney Weisel 



Courtney, tell us about your story and how your company came to be:

While living in Manhattan in 2010 I worked for a celebrity dermatologist where I gained deep insight into the world of skincare from one of the best in the field. I was engaged in the skin concerns of the rich and famous, the latest aesthetic breakthroughs and complex cosmetic procedures. I was also introduced to costly, chemical ridden product lines manufactured by large corporations. This gave me an appreciation for clean beauty products and sparked my desire to begin creating my own formulations. Despite enjoying my position and my love for the fast NYC lifestyle, I neglected other aspects of my personal health with frequent late nights and excessive drinking.


Fast forwarding a bit through some twists and turns, life lead me (and my now husband) to Charleston. I struggled to find my place in the beauty field here at the time, and I ended up settling for a position as a bartender downtown. Over time my alcohol abuse developed into alcohol addiction. In 2016, I came to a place where I had to choose between getting sober or facing an imminent early death at 28 years old. Despite how obvious that decision may seem, in my sickness it was the most difficult decision of my life. Thankfully I chose the former. After 3 months of treatment, I began to rebuild my life.

I vowed to cherish my health and wellness alongside my sobriety, and reestablish what connected me to the world... what made me happy and alive. I always loved creating. Anything from art, poetry, decor to my own products - but getting sober gave me a stronger urge to create. With that passion, a goal to rebuild a better life for myself, to help others, and with my awareness of toxic “luxury” products out on the market... Steel Birch was born.

By definition, steel is strength, bracing for what is ahead; and the birch tree is a symbol of new beginnings. The name represents my journey, and any one else’s journey to better themselves despite life's difficulties. My products are created with the name’s heart beat, out of my absolute gratitude for life, beauty, nature, and what is still ahead. I formulate with powerfully effective and ethically sourced ingredients from the earth. I know life can be busy, messy, and sometimes really ugly... but your skincare should be simple, safe, effective, an absolute treat - nothing less. I passionately create each product to empower women, help them to feel that they are cherished and beautiful, and to provide safe and effective results they can be confident about.

Who is another local maker you admire?

I am a huge fan of Katie and Shane over at The Restored Board Design Co. Shane’s woodworking pieces are flawlessly beautiful, and Katie’s photography and eye for design is spot on. They are both uniquely talented, and together they are a power couple to admire.

What’s your favorite Charleston Restaurant?

I’m a Thai Food junkie. A meal from Taste of Thai in West Ashley never disappoints. (If you have never tried Thai Iced Tea, you should!)

What is your favorite song to jam out to while you create products or look for inspiration? 

Most days I tune the dial to podcasts... I love the thrill of a good story while I paint or formulate. Criminal is my go-to favorite! It’s about true crime and the interesting people involved... I always find myself saying “wait, that really happened?!”


What is your favorite product you offer right now and what was the inspiration behind it/why will people love it?

I just released Moon Silk Calming Night Mist, and it is definitely my new favorite. It’s a lightweight calming lotion mist for bedtime, infused with lavender, vetiver and silk protein. I don’t know about you, but I take my wind down time seriously. I have an internal check list to complete until “I am comfy now” putting on PJ's, a mug of herbal tea in hand and essential oils diffusing... but I was missing a quick and easy solution to moisturize my skin once in bed. I formulated with essential oils that I’ve found to be the most effective and relaxing. I made Moon Silk as an easy to apply moisturizer that quickly absorbs and deeply hydrates, and because I love going to sleep with touchable, silky skin.

*Steel Birch Donates 5% of their profit to The Steel Birch Recovery Fund, helping individuals in financial need get local treatment for Alcoholism/Addiction

images c/o Aneris Photography 

Mimi Striplin
Meet Our Makers: Cannabonez

Today we’re hearing from one of our newest members of the shop, the duo behind Cannabonez. Read on if you’ve been wondering if CBD is right for your pet!

Your website:

Your Instagram: @cannabonez

Founder’s name(s): Matt Mummert and Stacey Detlor


The Cannabonez Story

Our story begins like so many other longtime dog owners. After turning seven, our beloved Roscoe started to lose a step. He was struggling up the stairs, tired easily, and seemed to have lost much of his appetite. He just wasn’t himself anymore. We knew we had to do something – and fast.

So we introduced Roscoe to non-psychoactive CBD oils. Thankfully, within a couple of weeks, we noticed an incredible improvement in his health and vitality. Stairs no longer proved a challenge for Roscoe, and he was less anxious overall. In addition to regaining his appetite, he was getting along better with other dogs. It was like the old Roscoe was back!

Now our mission is to help as many other four-legged friends enjoy the same benefits and lifestyle as Roscoe. We all love our pets. Why not give them the best quality of life possible?

Why CannaBonez?

CannaBonez is a specially formulated blend of Hemp Derived Terpenes, CBD Isolate, and USDA Certified Organic MCT Oil. There are over 17 different Terpenes in our specially blended formula. Our CBD isolate is the highest grade isolate available on the market with a Pharma Grade Lab certification and a purity of 99.96%. CBD by itself has a wide array of health benefits, but when we add our signature Terpene blend, we enhance the CBD to a greater extent. Adding different Terpenes allows us to guide your pet’s CBD experience.

What are some of the overall benefits of CBD for pets?

Other members of our Woof-pack have used this product for:

Pain & Inflammation


Joint Stress, & Lowered Mobility

Aggression & Anxiety

Threat of Seizures

Reduced Circulation & Heart Problems

Lowered Appetite & Nausea

Skin Sensitivity & Other Allergies

Complications Associated with Cancer

Negative Effects of Aging

What Makes Your Products Different?

Several years of research and development have gone into the making of Mumm’s Signature Terpene blend. Terpenes are simple hydro-carbon chains that enhance the therapeutic benefits of the CBD known as the “entourage effect.” The therapeutic benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, decrease nociceptive pain, muscle relaxation, gastrointestinal issues, and anti-spasmodic. Our products are lab-tested, and contain 0.00% THC.

How does CBD work?

CBD interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system. Receptors are tiny proteins attached to the cells that receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help cells respond. The neurotransmitters are released into the synaptic cleft by exocytosis. Once CBD enters the bloodstream and breaks the blood brain barrier, (think of it as the distribution center) to all the synaptic clefts, it migrates throughout the body to effect inflammation, reduce pain, & calm stress. During our research we have seen that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect. CBD engages with the endocannabinoid system in many organs throughout your pets’ body, helping to reduce inflammation.

Charleston SC Cbd-Oil.jpg

Stop by the shop soon to give CBD a try for yourself- we carry Cannabonez treats and CBD oil! Save the date for June 19th from 5-7 to meet the founders and get free pup portraits!

Meet Our Makers: Me Time Botanicals

Kara Reich is the lady behind one of our newer product lines, Me Time Botanicals. You can come in store to sample most of her products, or read on to get to know more about Kara!

Your website:

Your Instagram: @metimebotanicals

Founder’s name(s): Kara Reich

Tell us your story of how you came to create Me Time Botanicals: 

As a wife and stepmom to two preteens, I found it challenging to find me time and typically put myself last on the list. After many tear-filled stressful nights, I finally realized how important it was to fill my own cup. As the passion grew for self-care, I whipped up a coffee scrub with simple, plant-based ingredients right from the kitchen and enjoyed an evening soak in the tub. Feeling refreshed and energized, it hit me that wanted to share this Me Time secret with everyone. 

After enrolling in Formula Botanica's Organic Cosmetic Science School to broaden my natural skincare knowledge, Me Time Botanicals was born & I never looked back. Me Time Botanicals thoughtfully blends passion with skin-loving plants/plant-based actives that naturally contain antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients to nourish you inside and out during your self-care skincare ritual. Carve out a few extra moments to relax & recharge your mind, body, & soul with moisturizing oils & luxurious butters, mineral rich salts, and botanical nectars passionately blended so you can enjoy your me time.

My promise to you is to never use synthetics in products, always be plant-based, cruelty-free and keep your skin soft & radiant at an affordable price.

Who is another local maker you admire?

Kelly Hauschild of Homegrown Holistic. She is an remarkable herbalist, yoga teacher, amazing mom and all around vibrant human that encouraged and inspired me to launch my skin and body care line. 

What’s your favorite Charleston Restaurant?

My husband and I had our first date and 3 years later our wedding reception at Poogan's Porch! Such great memories plus those biscuits are fantastic.

What is your favorite song to jam out to while you create products or look for inspiration?  

I have few mixes on youtube that plays random songs but Wild Child by Kenny Chesney always seems to pop up and anything by Pink. It connects me to my inner badass and reminds me to stay free. 

What is your favorite product you offer right now and what was the inspiration behind it/why will people love it? 

Although I should haven't "favorites" among my creations, Morning Perk Eye & Facial Serum will always be near to my heart! I actually created Morning Perk for our wedding guests. I wanted something our family and friends would enjoy and actually use instead of something that would just be pitched. It became such a hit that I launched Me Time Botanicals.

Spring Unicorn Party Inspo
Charleston balloon shop owners

Hi from Cannonborough Collective co-owners Liz & Mimi! We recently had fun with some other female business owners for a gathering at Semilla, a local restaurant we love. We used some of our unicorn themed party goods and balloons to decorate, so we hope you enjoy this visual inspiration for your next soiree. It could be just the ticket for a bachelorette party, baby shower, or special birthday!

all images by Mary Beth Creates // flowers by Petaloso

Charleston bridal shower or bachelorette party idea

Have a look below to see some of the fun bridal accessories we have to help easily transform any soiree into something fun for the bride-to-be or your bachelorettes!

Bride Tribe Koozies, $3 // Bride Headbands, $6 & up // Rainbow Row Enamel Pin Party Favors, $10

Follow us on Instagram to see more of our balloons & local Charleston goods!

Meet Our Makers: BR Design Co.
Vendor Products (19 of 19).jpg

Many of you frequent our shop to get your fix of the amazing clay earrings created by BR Design Co. Their pieces are all one of a kind handmade creations, so you can truly have a unique piece of jewelry for a really great price (studs start at just $14). Learn a little more about their company below!

Instagram: @br_design_co
Company Founders: Cassandra Browner Richardson & Carlene Browner

Share a fun fact about your brand or your story/ tell us about your products: 

Cassandra and Carlene have been making and selling clay jewelry from ages 8 and 5 yrs old and you can still find them popping up at local markets around town or at the Night Market. They are also skilled makers of macrame and create beautiful plant hangers.

Who is another local maker you admire? 

Marie of Macramade by Marie

What’s your favorite local Restaurant? 


What is your favorite song to jam out to while you create products or look for inspiration? 

Old School Motown

What is your favorite product you offer right now and what was the inspiration behind it/why will people love it? 

Textured Neutrals. I love how organic they feel.  They were inspired by Greece and all the old architectural there.

If you see something of BR’s that you like on our Instagram, you better come get it quick because

their clay creations never stick around our store for very long!

Meet Our Makers: Texture Design Co.
Girl Boss-Girl Boss-0005.jpeg

Today we introduce you to Texture Design Co.! You’re a big fan of their prints, cards, magnets, & calendars so we wanted to share more about this adorable brand.


Instagram: @TextureDesignCo

Company Founder: Emily Kirby

Share a fun fact about your brand or your story/ tell us about your products: 

Before heading to college, my dad told me I should think about majoring in Graphic Design. Being a stubborn teenage girl, I quickly turned that idea down. Ha! A few years after graduating college, I realized he may have had a good point. :) So I went back to school for a graphic design, and that was the start of Texture Design Co! Lesson learned, sometimes parents have really good advice.

Who is another local maker you admire? 

I’m a huge fan of the beautiful weavings by Sunwoven. I love Erin’s use of color; she puts together the yummiest color combinations! We have one of her pieces in our living room, and it really makes me smile. We now carry these weavings in our store, too!

What’s your favorite Charleston Restaurant? 

Basil is my “tried and true”! It was one of the first restaurants I visited when I moved to Charleston 11 years ago, and it is still a top favorite. Their Thai food never gets old!

What is your favorite song to jam out to while you create products or look for inspiration?  

It changes regularly, but this week I’ve listened to ’Say Something’ by Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake on repeat.

What is your favorite product you offer right now and what was the inspiration behind it/why will people love it? 

A Charleston Baby’s First Year Book will forever be a favorite project! I started working on it when we found out that we were expecting our first child. I wanted to create a baby book that I was excited to fill out, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. The pages are full of colorful illustrations of Charleston, and I think it is the perfect baby gift for new parents in the Lowcountry! 

Photos of Emily by Wild Cotton Photography

Photos of Baby Book by Taylor Lauren Barker