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Best Birthday Ever!
All Images c/o  Aneris Photography  // Some of our makers are seen here, L to R: Island Haus Paperie, Charleston Weekender, Park & Madison, The Tiny Tassel, Tidal Jewelry By Annie, Coastal Kelder, and Graefic Design.

All Images c/o Aneris Photography // Some of our makers are seen here, L to R: Island Haus Paperie, Charleston Weekender, Park & Madison, The Tiny Tassel, Tidal Jewelry By Annie, Coastal Kelder, and Graefic Design.

You guys can probably tell by now that we sure love celebrating!  Any occasion will do, and it's always a great day to spread some cheer with balloons, of course.  We loved getting to celebrate with many of you as our shop turned ONE this month!  Thank you for all of your support and patronage so far.  Come by soon if you haven't been in yet, we can't wait to have you in for a  photo in front of our balloon wall!

Have a peek at some of our current offerings from this quarter's vendors:

Birthday Fun (37 of 52).jpg

Follow along on Instagram for more fun, or catch us on St. Philip Street!

Birthday Fun (48 of 52).jpg
Meet Our Co-Founder, Mimi Striplin!

What's the hardest part of owning a shop? Your favorite part?

Hardest: refraining from buying all of the cute pieces from our amazing vendors!

Favorite: having a space of our own-decorating it, choosing the products & transforming it into a place that I would love as a shopper! 

Who is another maker who inspires you?

Nicole from the Cole Card Company here in Charleston- her work is so beautiful & I love her pineapple stitched notebooks!

Favorite song to jam out to while making?

Anything Miley but I usually have the tv on while working from my couch, catching up on Jane the Virgin.

What's your favorite product offering right now, and what was the inspiration behind it? 

Currently loving my Tulley necklace! The navy beads and metallic gold tassel has become one of my favorite pieces to wear on repeat! Charleston’s colorful yet classic style & aesthetic inspires each of my pieces.

What's your biggest piece of advice to offer to someone looking to open a brick and mortar store or start a side business? 

Do it! Take the leap and always remember to  be humble, open to adjustments & don’t get too caught up in life-remember to enjoy every moment!

Check back soon to meet more of our makers, and stop by to see us at 185 A St. Philip Street!

photo c/o Aneris Photography 

Free "Galentine's Day" Printable!
image c/o  Aneris Photography

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it, but coming up before that is a special holiday we love just as much- Galentine's Day!  We love Leslie Knope's (from Parks & Recreation) explanation of Galentine's Day: "Oh it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas."

If want to celebrate your gal pals on February 13, go all out with this balloon Galentine created by Cannonborough Collective co-owner The Tiny Tassel.  You'll need:

-washi tape

-heart shaped balloons


This is one DIY that's super simple and pretty self-explanatory.  Just download this pdf, print on card stock, cut them out along the pink border, then use your favorite washi tape to adhere your balloons. 

Galentines2018 (31 of 127).jpg

Tag us on Instagram at @cannonboroughcollective so we can see your fun creations! 

Meet Our Makers: Island Haus Paperie

Today we are introducing you to the gal behind so many awesome cards and prints in our shop, Renee of Island Haus Paperie!   Read on to learn a little about Renee, and be sure to check out her website & Instagram

Island Haus Paperie (44 of 63).jpg

Tell us about your products and the process behind creating them.

All of my products are first designed with a watercolor painting and then I bring those designs to life through various different types of products; cards, prints, wrapping paper, mugs the list goes on!  I’m hoping to add more print designs + products in the coming year! If you have a special request I’d love to hear it!

What's your current favorite Charleston restaurant?

Coastal Crust in Mt. Pleasant… the salad, the pizza, the wine, the atmosphere- perfection!

Who is another local maker you admire?

I’ve always really loved everything that Suite 33 creates - I have two of her stockings hanging on my mantle right now and I just smile every time I look at them! 

What's your favorite song to jam out to while you're making?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I really love all genres of music but my jam is definitely Janis Joplin mainly because in my mind I can belt it out just like her - haha!

Tell us about your favorite product you offer right now and the inspiration behind it.

Right now I’m really loving our 2018 calendar! This product is extra special because my husband made the display blocks that come with each calendar! I always love getting a new calendar so I can see all the fun things I have planned in the year ahead! 

Meet Our Makers: Tidal Jewelry by Annie
all images c/o  Folly Beach Family Photos

Today we want you to meet Annie, a hard working jewelry designer who has been our vendor for several months.  You can learn more about her "one of a kind coastal jewelry with a vintage twist" on her website, and make sure you follow her on Instagram!

Tell us a fun fact about you/your products:

 I had my first jewelry show at my house when I was 12 years old! I incorporate my grandmother's jewelry into my pieces, and always stop in antique stores when I travel to find old jewls to incorporate into new.  

Tell us a Charleston restaurant you're loving right now: 

I love Sermet's! We always go for our anniversary. 

Who is another local maker you admire?

I have a girl crush on Erin from Sunwoven. Her color palettes and attention to detail are gorgeous.

What's your favorite song to jam out to while you're making?

I binge watch tv shows while I'm making! In the past several months I've watched from start to finish: Friends, The Gilmore Girls, New Girl, and am working on Scandal as we speak.

Tell us about your favorite product right now and the inspiration behind it:

My favorite products are my various freshwater pearl necklaces on chain (either sterling or gold-filled). They are great for everyday but also a nice dressier piece & are available on my website. 

Meet Our Makers: Shop Borough
home collection.jpg

Today we want to introduce you to Ashley Worrall.  You may have spotted this talented designer in Southern Living's The Daily South or Southern Lady!  Charleston lovers adore her locally inspired printed dresses, and she recently expanded her offerings to include home decor items, too!

Share a tip about how to style your products: 

My tip for rocking a shift dress is that it’s all about layers! Our shift dresses are a colorful base, but then you can layer on sweaters, jackets, scarves and jewelry to make the look your own.

Tell us a Charleston restaurant you're loving right now: 

Cru is always my go-to restaurant and the one I recommend when anybody comes to visit. I have dreams about their mac and cheese!

Who is another local maker you admire?

I’m in love with Harrison Blackford’s artwork!  Her door paintings are so bright and fun and I love how she mixes different colors and patterns.

What is your favorite product you offer right now and what was the inspiration behind it?

My favorite product right now is our fleece blanket from the home collection that just launched. It’s super soft and perfect for snuggling up on cold winter days. I love that it’s such a big canvas for the prints and that you can wrap yourself up in color! It has been fun seeing the prints on different home goods and going beyond our classic shift dresses.


Share your favorite song to jam out to while you're making:

I normally have the TV on in the background instead of music, and it’s almost always on the Food Network. I think I’ve seen every episode of Chopped (especially since when you start one you have to know who wins)!

home collection 2.JPG

Come check out Ashley's adorable prints in store, or keep up with her online!

Website: // Instagram: @Shopborough

Meet Our Makers: Francis + Benedict

Today we're checking in with Katie Walters,  the founder of Francis & Benedict.  Her company sells amazing skirts that employ women from Togo, Africa.  Our customers just adore the beautiful prints, and you'll love hearing about the women behind these creations. 


Share a tip about your products!

Often times people think too hard about styling these beautiful skirts. It’s amazing all that goes with them from cute graphic Ts to elegant formal tops. For great styling tips scroll through the tags on our Instagram to see real women wearing the skirts, and watching the way they style them will inspire you! 

Tell us a Charleston restaurant you're loving right now.

Beech, our team eats lunch there WAY too often for any of our budgets. Two of us get the Poke bowl over Kale and one the Acai Bowl!

Who is another local maker you admire?

Carrie Davis art.  Her black and white drawings and abstract work remind us of Togo and the strong women that inspire us.

Whats's your current favorite song to jam out to while you're working?

“All we Got” by Chance the Rapper, our whole team moves from work mode to dance party when this one comes on.

What is your favorite product right now and what's the inspiration behind it?

 I’m loving our Woodlands Maxi. The one I have is handmade by Aykenum, a widow and mother of 5. She inspires me with her dedication, joy and work ethic. The fabric was chosen in the market of Togo and the advocate who picked it immediately thought of this fall and Christmas season in Charleston. It’s been my go-to for Holiday parties and school events.

Images by Caroline Howard

Images by Caroline Howard

Come by soon to check out these beautiful skirts, and follow F + B on social media! 

Website: // Instagram: @FrancisAndBenedict 

Meet Our Makers: Oysters All Around
image c/o Emma Clark Photography

image c/o Emma Clark Photography

We're so excited to introduce you to Jan & Elly of Oysters All Around today!  They are one of the first vendors to take a chance on renting a spot in our shop, and our customers just love them.  Enjoy learning a little bit about them below!

Tell us a fun fact about you/ your products!

We have our hands on our products from almost the moment after the oysters in these beautiful shells are devoured. We scrub, clean, hand paint and hand select every shell for each product. Sometimes our hands may be a little dirty or covered in gold paint, but we wouldn't trade the hard work for anything!

Tell us a Charleston restaurant you're loving right now.

Little Jack's ... starting with a delicious cocktail and finishing with a burger and fries. Yum!

Who is another maker you admire? 

We are obsessed with Lissy of Little Fish Boateak. We have wanted to meet her for such a long time and when we finally did, it was friend love at first sight. We always appreciate kindness and genuineness - two qualities she instantly displayed. Her pieces are fabulous and she loves to drink wine ... win, win for us! 

Tell us your favorite song to jam out to while you're making. 

Elly is our jam session DJ. We try to be upbeat and are known to listen to our fair share of Beyoncé and T. Swift!

What's your favorite product right now and what's the inspiration behind it?

That's tough! We always love our staples, like the oyster shell tassel keychain or oyster shell dish, but right now we are loving to make our oyster shell necklaces. We source all of our beads from local shops ensuring that each necklace isn't mass produced. Picking out beads is always a fun time! 

image c/o Jenna Young

image c/o Jenna Young

Follow Jan & Elly and shop all of their awesome oyster goods in our shop!  Website: // Instagram: @OystersAllAround

Meet Our Makers: Coastal Kelder
photo c/o Mary Beth Creates

photo c/o Mary Beth Creates

The local vendors that we carry in our shop are what makes it the place you know and love!  We asked Kelley of Coastal Kelder to share some of her Charleston favorites and a little bit about herself, so have a gander and stay tuned for more of our meet the maker series!  

Tell us a Fun Fact About Yourself!

I work in software development full time at Booz Allen Hamilton (previously SPARC) and I run my Coastal Kelder business at night & on weekends.  I enjoy making things as a way to unwind after staring at a computer all day and love that you have something tangible that you made afterwards.  You can read about the unusual journey of how I got to where I am today here.

What's your favorite Charleston restaurant?

Obstinate Daughter is my true favorite, but I can never say no to HomeTeam wings & a game changer.

Share another local maker you love. 

Kristen @ Charleston Candle Co.  We have similar backgrounds with our day jobs & side businesses and her candles just smell so good!

What's your favorite song to jam to while you're making?

2000's rap music (TI King is my fav album) or else I watch Elf or The Grinch on repeat in December.

What's your current favorite product you offer? 

My oyster shell dishes were where it all began for me, but I'm currently loving my oyster napkin rings! I just like finding different ways to use oyster shells and incorporate them into our home and others' homes.

image c/o Alex Klaes

image c/o Alex Klaes

Follow Kelly on Instagram and shop her site here, or come see her awesome selection of pillows, wine glasses, and ornaments in our shop!
Shopping Small in Charleston

By now it’s almost a trendy notion to “shop small” for the holidays.  Since opening a store, we have come to appreciate what impact shopping small really brings!  We both worked in retail for a lot of our high school and college years, and that usually meant working to meet a quota for a corporate company.   When you buy local, you’re making a purchase that shows you're believing in someone’s dream.  You're buying from someone that could be your own neighbor or child's teacher, and even a small sale is noticeable when you’re a maker.  We definitely have goals we are trying to meet for our balloon & product sales, but our biggest goal is to offer a happy spot for our community where you want to come again and again and where up and coming brands are getting to sell their products!  We also sell balloons, so we love helping out other locals for events or to draw attention to their place of business. 

We have about a dozen vendors that sell their wares within our ~400 square foot shop.  When we call them to let them know they are sold out of something, do you know how excited we all get?!  When they have to restock something, that usually means they are taking time out of their nights and weekends to make something by hand for us.  In fact, most of our vendors work other full time jobs so their products are truly a labor of love.

We wanted to share some of our favorite small businesses around town so that you have plenty of local options to shop with this season.  You’ll often see the owners themselves working, so remember how much more special your purchase will be to the person behind the register.

1. Candy Shop Vintage

2. Charmed Beauty & Gifts

3. Crew LaLa

4. Dandy Boutique

5. Hausful

6. Indigo Home

7. Indigo Market

8.  J. Stark

9.  Mac & Murphy

10.  Simply J Boutique

11.  Skinny Dip Charleston

12.  Zinnia


Thanks for stopping by!  Follow along on Instagram to stay in the loop about all our happenings.  We hope to see you Dec 8 for our neighborhood sip & shop, Dec 9 for our Christmas Party, and Dec 17 for our Francis & Benedict Trunk Show (5-7). 

-Liz & Mimi

images c/o Aneris Photography