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DIY Balloon Garland

balloon garland tutorial

Our fabulous summer intern, Gillian Nyland, recently learned the ropes of balloon garland basics. We asked her to share a how-to with all of you that might be looking to learn how to make a balloon garland of your own. If this seems like too much work, we sell the larger version for $40 and the small one for $25, but we promise you got this! There are a couple of other ways to create a garland that will give you a nicer look, but this is our go-to method.

balloon garland tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

-11” latex balloons in assorted colors (we used 25 for the larger one and 15 for the small one)

*optional: use a variation of sizes from 7” up to 16 or 24” for a garland that looks like this

-Balloon pump (either electric or manual)

-Balloon tape (to assemble balloons together)

Step 1:

Pick out balloon colors and theme! For the most successful and festive garland, you will want to select a variety of colors that coordinate to match your theme and event. You can even add in other elements like florals or leaves (real or faux) to add some pizzaz.

Step 2:

Begin inflating your balloons. We recommend using an electric balloon pump, but make sure to watch the size of inflation of the balloon to avoid it popping (it fills up quick!). For the most visually pleasing (and professional looking) balloon garlands, we recommend inflating the balloons to various sizes.

electric balloon pump for balloon garland

Step 3:

Now that you have all your balloons inflated (yay!), you will need the balloon tape. Balloon tape is what will keep your garland intact, and also creates a “floating” and seamless look to the garland. For the most simple assembly, we recommend tying the top of your balloon tape to a door or hook so that you have a clear workspace.

Step 4:

Once your tape is hanging, look for the small holes that have been punched into the tape. Press out the piece covering the hole with your fingers or a pencil to create an entry for your balloon. Take the end of the tied balloon and pull it through the hole fastening it into place. You can simply pull the small tie at the end of the balloon through the hole, or secure the balloon all the way up to the knot at the base of the balloon. Try to mix and match the sizes and colors you place next to each other to avoid too much repetition (again, these choices will maximize the professionalism of your garland).

balloon tape for diy balloon garland

Step 5:

Begin staggering various colors and sizes of the balloons and insert them through both the front and back of the balloon tape (as shown below). You don’t necessarily need to put a balloon in each hole on the tape, in fact, make sure you allow enough space for each balloon to avoid them bumping against each other and squeezing each other out of the tape! Once you have a large amount of the balloons attached the tape, step back and see if there are any spots in which there are gaps, or spaces in which you can see the clear balloon tape. Having these gaps will detract from the seamless look of the garland, and make it less sturdy. If you find any of these spaces, fill in as needed. If you really want to make sure you don’t see through to the balloon tape, you can even hot glue balloons to each other; just place the glue gun on a cool setting!

balloon tape for DIY balloon garland

Step 6:

You did it! By now, your garland should look full and be filled with an assortment of colors and sizes. Once you are sure all the balloons are secure, cut the just past where the balloons stop. Then simply tie a string to either end of it and place it where you desire with pushpins or a strong tape. Time to party!

easy balloon garland tutorial

Thanks so much to Gillian for giving us that thorough guide for balloon garland making, we hope that helped! BTW, your balloon garland should look brand new for about a week. The balloons will gradually start to deflate here and there, but your garland may last for several weeks or months when kept cool. Come by our shop soon if you’d like a picture in front of our balloon wall!

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professional images c/o Aneris Photography

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