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Meet Our Makers: Escapada Living


You’ll love learning more about this colorful local clothing company we started carrying earlier this year! The gorgeous prints they create simply make us smile, and we hope you’ll come by to shop their spring/summer selection soon.

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Company Founder: Natalia Castillo

Share a fun fact about your brand or your story/ tell us about your products:

Our goal is to add a little sunshine to the closets of women everywhere, but our mission to spread happiness doesn’t end with clothing! Escapada Living supports various charities both locally and abroad. The Escapada Living Children’s Fund was established 4 years ago to help support the local community in Solo, Indonesia (where our factory is located). We are so grateful for the community’s acceptance and support, and our fund provides care, school supplies, and new experiences for the children of two orphanages within the village. Our production manager is very much involved in the children's daily lives, taking them on fun excursions and constantly seeking out ways to improve their well-being. The Solo community has given so much to us, it’s nice to be able to give back.


Who is another local maker you admire?

Where do I begin? I’m a big fan of Hart tassel earrings (Hart Hagerty), Charleston Rice Beads from Candy Shop Vintage, and the fabulous stationery from Texture Design Co...just to name a few!

What’s your favorite Charleston Restaurant?

My new favorite restaurant is Melfi’s, but my go-to restaurant is The Obstinate Daughter. You have to try the Gnocchi alla Romana!


What is your favorite song to jam out to while you create products or look for inspiration?  

The Pandora station at the office gets shuffled regularly, but I tend to like upbeat tunes when searching for inspiration!

What is your favorite product you offer right now and what was the inspiration behind it/why will people love it?

Tough question! Off-the-shoulder styles are so in right now, so I’d have to say the Tasseled Monica Dress and the Stretch-Knit Bonnie Dress. The Monica is super fun and flirty - perfect for a day out on the town! The Stretch-Knit Bonnie Dress is stylish, comfortable and cute! For tops, my go-to is our ¾ Sleeve Susan top. It’s available in both our signature rayon fabric and stretch-knit fabric.


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