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Meet Our Makers: Graefic Design Co.


Are you ready to meet another one of our talented local makers?! Today we are learning a little bit about one of our long time vendors, Graefic Design. We carry their hats, mugs, baseball tees, & more. Read on to hear from their founder Alissa, and she shares how being one of our vendors even led her to develop awesome new friendships!

Instagram: @graeficdesign
Company Founder: Alissa Graef Bankowski

Share a fun fact about your brand or your story/ tell us about your products:

I design all of my products and work with local companies to produce most of them. My cursive CHS logo is actually handwritten by me! I love to incorporate custom touches into each of my products so that you can truly have a unique piece!


Who is another local maker you admire?

Kelley Wilds of Coastal Kelder. She and I connected via Cannonborough Collective during their one-year photo shoot, and we've been friends ever since! I love how much time and dedication she puts into all of her products and crafts. Each piece she produces is truly one-of-a-kind!

What’s your favorite Charleston Restaurant?

Oh boy, how do I even choose? I think it depends on my mood (aka I'm always down for some good Mexican), but lately, I've been loving just going to LowTide Brewing and eating all of their delicious food truck options. The food truck scene here in Charleston is unreal, so you can't really go wrong. My two favorites are probably Dough Boys Pizza (their brussel sprout, bacon, honey pizza is insane) and Chicken Fats (try the loaded tots... you're welcome).

What is your favorite song to jam out to while you create products or look for inspiration?

Again, depends on my mood. I could go all out with 90's Hip Hop, or on the other side of the spectrum, I could totally get into a groove with music from Van Morrison and Ray LaMontagne.

What is your favorite product you offer right now and why will people love it?

Oooh, this is a tough one! I'm LOVING the new distressed Riley Caps. The colors are perfect for this year and they have my handwritten CHS logo on the front. I also really love our Magnolia mugs! We're gearing up to offer custom vinyl on the back of them so you can rep your love for Charleston while also personalizing it and making it truly unique!

Stop by our shop soon to check out all of our fabulous Graefic Design products!

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